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  • Color and red-free photography
  • Ensures the latest resolution
  • Small pupil detection
  • Panoramic image of retina
  • Ultra-wide field view of retina
  • Stereo reproducible imaging
  • Very comfortable
  • Captures anterior photography
  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Resume normal activities

The TRC-NW8 features several automated functions that allow us to capture high quality clear images.

The TRC-NW8 gives us added flexibility in image capture. There are nine flash levels we choose from, and eight peripheral fixation points as well as a built-in standard central fixation point, which provide fixed, reproducible fields for use in various study protocols. These fixation points can be presented in a variety of patterns. A built-in optical green filter provides us true optical red free photography which is extremely useful for glaucoma detection.