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Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 1Octopus Visual Field Analyzer

  • Sequential, series and trend reports
  • Complete library of diagnostic programs
  • Complete library of test strategies
  • Ample access for any type of wheel chair
  • Reliable data collection
  • Full threshold exam takes less than 2:30 min
  • Additional custom test programs
  • Real time display of statistical data
  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Resume normal activities

The Octopus Visual Field Analyzer represents the most complete 90º full field projection perimeter available today for clinics and scientific applications without limitation.

Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 2100% Fixation Control

  • 100% eye fixation control if fixation is lost, no stimulus is presented.
  • Diagnostic programs with test stages prioritize the most crucial field areas.
  • Accurate assessment and comparison of data with automated pupil measurement.

Full Threshold in under 150 seconds

Errors caused by patient and retinal fatigue are avoided. The (TOP) test strategy provides full threshold examination in less than 2:30″.

Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 3Improved Flexibility and Ease of Operation

  • Real-time display of statistical data provides on-line information about the status of the your visual field.
  • Separate examination and PC control unit allows us to work comfortably in ambient light conditions.
  • Offers the most complete library of standard diagnostic programs and test strategies.
  • Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 4The clear Seven-in-One print-out presents the most complete information needed for the assessment of the results.
  • Interrupt and continue test procedures later without losing data.
  • Flexible and user defined test parameter settings for additional custom test programs serving scientific studies.
  • Network compatibility allows results to be viewed on multiple computers.

Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 5Improved Patient Comfort

  • Ample legroom and access for any type of wheel chair around instrument table.
  • Faster testing increases your comfort.
  • Patients are encouraged to blink regularly without the risk of introducing erroneous results.
  • Seated separately from the control unit soyou may work in a more quiet environment.Octopus Visual Field Analyzer 7