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HRT Retinal Scan 1HRT Retinal Scan

  • 64 confocal images at various depths
  • Images is taken in only 6 seconds
  • Condition progression mapable
  • Fluorescein angiographies not needed
  • HRT Retinal Scan 2Detailed Edema map
  • Cross sectional profiles
  • Very comfortable
  • Sees effect/extent of Macular Edema
  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Resume normal activities

HRT Retinal Scan 3The HRT Retinal Scan (Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy)

Confocal scans of the macular area can be captured and analyzed. Similar to when it performs ONH and peripapillary analysis, the HRT captures a series of up to 64 confocal images at various depths in the retina. These images are used by the HRT software HRT Retinal Scan 4to provide a series of graphical representations of the macula. As with glaucoma screening, you does not need to be dilated and imaging can be done through most cataracts. A series of images is taken in only 6 seconds, with a complete imaging session lasting only a few minutes.